404 error

Once upon a workday dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a content agency with whom to build rapport,
I called out for some coffee, for our website's looking sloppy,
Who will write the finest copy like we didn't have before?
"Ah, 'tis Sookio," I muttered, "they will surely fit the score..."
Quoth the browser, "404."

But distinctly I remember, from an old professional venture,
Social media of such splendour that it knocked me on the floor,
Eagerly I sought to find them, more than that, in due course hire them,
For our brochures need designing, we're re-branding to the core,
We need a video to go viral, for right now we're dinosaurs!
Quoth the browser, "404."

My confusion fast abating, giving way to rage frustrating,
Who will do our online training? "They were here last week," I swore!
It should not so blot my sanity to find some content strategy,
But then I realised, thankfully, my error, I guffawed,
I'd gone and typed in 'copyrighting,' what a silly sort!
Problem solved. Content galore!