Accidental entrepreneurs: What happens when you feel you just don’t fit?

On the morning of The Accidental Entrepreneur: Different Pathways To Success, I was reading the Guardian article Tech City: The magic roundabout and was struck by the fact that none of the Silicon Roundabout start-up founders in the piece were female. At the masterclass that evening I was also struck by Dr Shima Barakat’s comment that women don’t like to refer to themselves as entrepreneurs. They’re ‘just running a business’. Why is this? What is it that’s putting women off declaring themselves part of the entrepreneurial world and enjoying the challenges, support and potential triumphs on offer? Is it because the term itself is shifting in meaning? It seems to have gone from simply someone who is setting up a new enterprise to this caricature of the Silicon Valley start-up founder – the chest-beating caffeine junkie with a ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’ tattoo who boasts on Twitter about his lack of sleep due to running four separate start-ups.

The perception is being created that to become an entrepreneur means being part of this macho, aggressive culture where sleep is for losers and people battle it out like gladiators, as TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington would have it in his post The Man In The Arena. Or even better, play at being pirates!

But what if you don’t identify with all this? What if you’ve become an entrepreneur without realising it? What if you feel you just don’t fit?

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