Age UK joins Sookio Masterclass panel

We're excited to announce another speaker in the line-up for our first Sookio Masterclass: Straight-Talking Social Media event at the end of April.

Featuring the communications team from the University of Cambridge and Grazia magazine's Digital Editor, the event will focus on how to talk on social media and will be held at the Cambridge Brew House on 29th April 2014.

Age UK's Social Media Manager, Athar Abidi, will join the panel to share his experience working with social media for a major charity.

"My main challenge at Age UK is to make sure that we use all the social channels appropriately to send charity messaging to the right people at the right time without disenfranchising our beneficiaries," says Athar.

"This means such tactics as creating shareable content for Twitter, pushing our celebrity support on Instagram and sharing advice and information on Facebook."

"We scan the horizon at all times for technology trends that might make a difference to our charitable work and the lives of our beneficiaries whilst maintaining a healthy cynicism towards the next big thing."

About Athar Abidi

Athar has over a decade's worth of experience working in online development and marketing across a wide range of sectors.

Prior to taking his position at Age UK, Athar had worked with the British Lung Foundation, Norwich Union, the British Library, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, The Ramblers and the Royal Society of Pharmacists.

 Athar Abidi, social media manager for Age UK

Athar Abidi, social media manager for Age UK

Event details

Sookio Masterclass:
How to talk on social media
6pm to 9pm, Tuesday 29th April
Cambridge Brew House
1 King St
Cambridge CB1 1LH