Becoming an associate of Onespacemedia

We're happy to say we've become an associate of Onespacemedia. But who are they and what does this mean? Onespacemedia is an award-winning digital agency in Cambridge which has evolved out of CottonRendle, the people behind websites for Camfed, the Hauser Forum, ideaSpace, See Change Films and others (see the Onespacemedia portfolio). I've always like their uncluttered design, and their emphasis on usability, simple navigation and strong images. They also make sure the content is easy to understand, for example doing away with endless paragraphs of waffle and creating a simple graphic to neatly sum up the concept instead.

We've worked with them on a number of projects now, kicking off with content and copy for the new Turbostream website. Other projects on the go include content strategy and copywriting for the soon-to-be-launched website for Cambridge Enterprise and being part of the campaign for soon-to-be-published Cambridge Phenomenon book, for which we look after Twitter and LinkedIn, write blog posts and help with PR.

Their way of working is as clear and organised as the sites they build; it's always good to work with people who know how to manage a project and care about developing something which meets client expectations and adds a little bit more.

Becoming an associate means we're planning to work closely on future projects. So if you come to Sookio Ltd and need more than content - you want to talk design and development for a whole new website - then we'll be recommending Onespacemedia.