Could your business benefit from our Sweet Retweets workshop?


A big thanks for the chaps at AOL in London for hosting our Social Media Week workshop Sweet Retweets (or How To Write For Social Media) yesterday. They even provided cake!

We had a great response to the workshop, in which Sue Keogh and fellow editor Christine Cawthorne of Crocstar Media explained how to craft effective titles for blogs, features and news items as well as how brands should write for Facebook and Twitter.

In the feedback people said:

'Informal but informative'

'Very informative, common sense approach'

'The examples really helped with a current campaign'

'Lots of great tips'

'Great takeaways' [this may have been about the cake]

And Jonathan Mathias has written a nice blog post about Sweet Retweets too.

In fact the whole event was so successful that we're planning to offer a series of workshops and sessions on writing for social media. Whether you're a big brand, small start-up, educational institution or a charity, we want to help you bring clarity to your social media campaigns. And get lots of those sweet retweets in the process.

We'll make a proper announcement soon outlining what's in each package. And in the meantime if you think your business could benefit from informal and informative sessions on how to write for social media get in touch!