EVENT: Steps to Success: How to avoid procrastination and make effective decisions


The Inspired Group

Thursday, June 14, 2012 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Cooks Barn/ Stonetime, Whitelands Farm, Newmarket Road, Nr Bottisham, CB25 9BD

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Sue's been invited along by The Inspired Group to talk about avoiding procrastination and making effective decisions.

Time management is one of the biggest issues for most people juggling all the different roles they have to play in life yet one of the biggest time wasters is procrastination.  The ability to make decisions swiftly and then take action on them is a huge contributor to successful achievements. Very few decisions are irreversible and successful people have remarked that it is often better to make a wrong decision and then reverse it than to put off making one at all.

Sue Keogh is not a guru and she hasn’t got a book to plug. But she has got a lot of experience in running a small and very busy business, juggling multiple clients and different-sized projects. She’ll be sharing what she’s learned about being disciplined with her time and how this helps her make good business decisions.

The evening will cover:

  1. Beating procrastination
  2. Helping yourself make good decisions
  3. Fun activities where everyone can share their own tips on managing time.

About Sue Keogh

Sue runs Sookio, a small business offering editorial services such as copywriting, website updates and social media to clients in the UK and beyond.

Starting out in radio, helping produce music-based programmes for Radio 2, Sue moved to ITV.com and then went freelance, working for Magic FM and as a homepage editor for Yahoo! and Aol. She founded Sookio when her two boys were aged three and one, by which time the idea of a 9 to 5 working day was starting to feel like a distant memory.

About Steps to Success

The Inspired Group's 'Steps to Success' events are where talented people come to share ideas - no membership required.

With a guest speaker they explore topics related to business success and encourage 'deep' networking with lively discussions both online and face to face but no sales pitches.  The LinkedIn Group has over 600 members and the #binspired Twitter hashtag links all the comments about events. You can also find out more in the Inspired Blog.

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