Sookio features around the web

Read Sue's interview with branding expert Jorgen Sundberg: Discover Sookio's Secrets To Writing For The Web For Cambridge listings site Zoomster: Cambridge After Dark, Roll Up, Roll Up, Get Your Cultcha 'Ere, Get Some Retail Therapy, Cambridge On The Silver Screen

A host of lifestyle features for the Magic FM site:  Bonfire Night recipes, Christmas toy guide, Alternative New Year's Eve and Top Fitness DVDs for 2009 (AKA 'How I lost 5 stone through a combination of diet, exercise and Photoshop').

Reviews at BBCi Music: artists including Willie Nelson, Martina-Topley Bird and Throwing Muses.

For recruitment agency Workmoose: Interview tips and How to apply for a job

Also two reviews a week and one feature a fortnight for three years for the now defunct BBC Country website. Including coverage of the CMA Awards from Nashville, interviews with folk like Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, Alison Krauss and Hayseed Dixie and an investigation into Nudie and fellow country music stylists, called - ahem - Noses to The Rhinestone.