Want a discount code for TEDxGranta: Women Shaping the Future?


Sookio is proud to be part of the team putting on a TED event in Cambridge next month. TEDxGranta will be a fast-paced, stimulating and entertaining day will feature local speakers and 'riveting talks from remarkable people' taken from the recent TEDxWomen event in Washington DC and offer rich opportunities for dynamic conversation about inspiring ideas.

We've introduced two special discount codes for the day, one which gives you £10 off the £80 ticket price and another which gives you money off if you book two tickets and one of you is male. What with the event being themed around 'women shaping the future' we're aware that people might think it is a women-only event. Far from it - we want to encourage lots of participation from men too!

Read on for full details of the event and how you can use the promo code to get a discounted ticket.

TEDxGranta: Women Shaping the Future 15th February 2011 at The Møller Centre, Cambridge CB3 0DE

TED events are always hot news

With the strapline Ideas Worth Sharing, for 25 years the not-for-profit organisation has presented annual events offering ‘riveting talks by remarkable people’, bringing together people from different disciplines to talk about things they feel passionate about.

What is TEDxGranta?

TEDxGranta is a one-day event in Cambridge offering the opportunity to have a taste of the TED experience at a fraction of the cost, with our own local speakers and the original TED talks from various events held across the globe. TEDxGranta is only the second TED licence made available for TED events to be run in Cambridge.

Prepare to be immersed in great ideas and share inspirational conversation with speakers and fellow delegates.

It’s not just for girls!

TEDxGranta's first event has a theme of Women Shaping the Future, and will focus on the way women contribute to the world around them.

It’s about the different way men and women work, and how to harness the best of both. Speakers will be talking about innovation, science, the future of medicine, design, the interface between fashion and science, politics, the environment, education, social entrepreneurship and much more.

But it’s not a women-only event – far from it!

How much is a ticket?

A ticket for this non-profit event is £80, which includes:

  • a fast-paced, highly curated program featuring TED's famous 18-minute talks, as well as some 5 minute slots to tweak the curiosity and pose thought-provoking ideas.
  • Rich opportunities to connect with other inspiring participants
  • Dynamic conversation breaks where attendees and speakers delve into the ideas introduced on stage
  • All refreshments.

Do you have discount codes?

Yes we do!

  • Enter      TEDxFans to gain £10 off the      price of a single ticket.
  • Enter      BringaBloke and pay £130 for 2      tickets (£15 off each) if you bring a man along with you.

How can I get involved in TEDxGranta?

Join the conversation by joining the TEDxGranta LinkedIn group and Facebook page or following TEDxGranta on Twitter. At the TEDxGranta website you can find out more about the speakers and follow the blog for the latest news about the event.

And most importantly:

Register for the first TEDxGranta event at The Møller Centre on 15th February, 2011.

What’s next for TEDxGranta?

In true TED style, future TEDxGranta events will cover different topics and may be either full day events, or evening salons for small groups of people. Delegates at the event in February will, as TEDxGranta members, be given first option and discounted places at some future events.