Kristin Hersh: Crooked. An album, a book, a beautiful thing.


It's an album! No, it's a book! Whatever it is, it's so lovely I almost regret looking inside because I've left fingerprint marks all over the place.

The book features lyrics for each song accompanied by a personal essay from Kristin herself. Elegant, intimate close-ups of flowers by photographer Lisa Fletcher burst out from nearly every page. It's that old 4AD thing - if the artwork isn't utterly gorgeous then there's no point bothering at all.

The album is found on a password-protected site where you find a whole bunch of goodies; the finished album, two EPs, videos, audio commentary and options to chat with the artist herself. There's also recording stems so you can have a go at remixing it yourself.

It's a publishing first. And a chap I follow on Twitter is behind it and I'm very envious. Here's some links for more info:

Kristin Hersh official site | CASH Music | The Friday Project | Follow @kristinhersh | Follow @meandmybigmouth