Love infographics? Try, the new hub for data visualisation


Infographics are transforming the way we see data, shifting us away from boring, stuffy tables and towards beautiful graphics which communicate complex ideas in a clear and simple way. If you’re a real data visualisation enthusiast, get ready to drool over Launching with high-profile partners including eBay, CNN, National Geographic and the Wall Street Journal, the new hub aims to present the best visualisations on the web while helping designers showcase and commercialise their work. It has three main features:

- A home for infographics: Reference, share and enjoy over 2000 infographics from categories including politics, economy and technology to food, humour and sex.

- Submit your designs: Designers can create a portfolio where they can get promote their work, get feedback and track the popularity of their content.

- Create your own infographic: Use simple tools to create infographics from your own data and publish them to your profile.

There is also a Twitterize feature which lets you ‘discover your Twitter character’ by analysing the data from your tweets. It doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but there has been talk on their Facebook page and Twitter feed of launch-day glitches.

First published on The Wall Blog.