"Not that kind of social media expert, if you know what I mean"


This recommendation from local superstar WordPress developer Adam Maltpress is so good I want to change the tagline on the website or turn it into a t-shirt or spray it on the side of the car or something.

"Sue's a very good and very experienced copywriter and "social media expert" without being that kind of social media expert, if you know what I mean."

Well that's hit the nail on the head, hasn't it?

OK, so let's overlook the first bit and gracefully accept the praise with a shy look and mumbled thanks.

But the second bit is exactly what we're all about.

There's so much hot air when it comes to social media. All the self-proclaimed gurus who write so badly and have so few followers. All those blog posts drawing shouty conclusions about the latest social trends based on data that just doesn't add up. People who autopost between platforms so all the professionals they're connected to on LinkedIn are treated to a blow-by-blow account of their night at the pub.

And then there's the jargon. An excess of jargon always makes me wonder if the person has ever run a social media campaign or if they've just read a few articles on the subject. Maybe this is why the tweets of @ProfJeffJarvis make me laugh so much - all his talk of herdsourcing, braincasting and publicness is just the sort of thing which social media gurus solemnly post all day long, nodding sagely as they do so.

The way we do social media is the same as the way we do everything else. We're looking to build up a long-term relationship with the client and really get to know their audience so we understand what messages we need to communicate and to whom. How can we write in a simple, natural way to build communities and strike a chord with followers? What do we have to do to get retweets? How can we write titles make sure people will read our content? What do we say on Facebook to make people like us, goddamit?

So thanks again Adam. You're right, we're not that sort of social media expert. We're the other type.

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