Read our tips on blogging in the new How To Make A Blog book

 Murray Newlands How To Make A Blog book

Murray Newlands How To Make A Blog book

It's always a pleasure to work with social media marketing expert Murray Newlands so it was great to be asked to contribute to his new How To Make A Blog book.

Over 160 pages long and free to download, the book contains essential advice from Murray himself and leading bloggers such as Chris Brogan, Pierre Zarokian, Marko Saric, Andrew Bennett, Heather Smith, Dana Oshiro, Holly Homer, Chris Tew, Nadeem Azam, Warren Whitlock, Jonathan Volk, Jennifer Lindsay, Steve Hall, Tom Foremski, Oliver Roup, Kristi Hines, Dazzlin Donna Fontenot, Connie Roberts, Ann Smarty,  Gail Gardner and Ron Cripps.

I've helped edit parts of the book and provided a whole section myself, explaining how blogging has helped boost my business and brand, and using my editorial experience to offer ten essential tips for new and experienced bloggers. I also recommend some blogs who I think do it really well.

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