Rewind! Are you about to mess up your marketing video?

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A good business video looks well-executed and effortless. Making them look like that is hard. Pre-production and solid prep are essential, so we’re busting myths about filming video for your business.

83% of marketers say including video in their digital strategy gives a good ROI, and consumers want to see more video from brands.

So, having convinced your boss to get with the times, you’re ready to roll.

Hold up! Not so fast now.

Before you get to the fun bit, the filming, consider these helpful video marketing tips to keep things fun when shooting day rolls around.

“I don’t need to rehearse”

You know your subject inside out, so you don’t need to prep, right? Wrong!

Even if you’ve written the script yourself, you’ll still need to read it out loud a few times. It makes all the difference, when you read something out loud compared to reading it in your head. You’ll probably find yourself crossing bits out and simplifying it much more.

And does the tone sound right? How’s your intonation – does it emphasise the right parts of the message? Are you racing through it before realising you should relax more and slow down?

Once you can bet your livelihood on it all sounding good and flowing together, rehearse it a couple more times – ideally in front of someone. Not only you’ll hear their outsider’s perspective, but you’ll also feel more prepared and confident on the day.

“I’m at the location! …Wait, what the hell is going on!?”

You’re professional, so you’re leaving for the location with extra time to spare. And thank heavens you did!

You found the filming location, but there seems to be a day-long seminar in the room you’re meant to be filming in. And no one around is the right person to help you. How long will it take to sort this?

As with every meeting and event, leave yourself a chunk of time to get there and check everything’s in order. You don’t need any last-minute stress just before filming!

Similarly, things can go awry later on.

Thinking about scheduling some meetings after the shoot? Better think twice!

There are about a thousand things that can go wrong, each of them adding extra time. Are you that confident you won’t fluff your lines? Filming often overruns; how will you juggle your meetings then?

Instead, consider leaving the afternoon or day clear to make sure everything can be wrapped up without problems. Any twitchiness will show on camera, and you don’t want that.

“I’ll nail it in the first take”

One last check in the mirror, another sip of water and you’re clearing your throat, ready to start filming. After all, it’s like talking to someone – but with a screen instead of eyes. But then you see the take you just did, and you flinch. You’ve sped through the first section, started playing with your ring somewhere down the middle, and to make things worse, you keep dropping “ums” and “wells” throughout the whole thing.

So you film another take. But now you’re painfully aware of your mistakes and kicking yourself for not rehearsing beforehand.

Film or record yourself in advance to pick up on those little details. You’ll have time to correct them, get more confident and comfortable, plus you’ll save videographer’s time – and so your money!

Inside the Sookio studio: running through lines for the IWF podcast project

Inside the Sookio studio: running through lines for the IWF podcast project

“I’ll wear the same thing I’d wear to the office”

Not putting any more thought into your outfit than you normally do? Well, you might get lucky but…

How does it complement the room or environment you’ll be in? That red top will have a serious squabble with the scarlet sofa you’ll be sitting on, but you’ll become one with the wall behind you if you wear the beige shirt. And that jazzy tie will take all the attention off what you’re saying.

Pick the kind of outfit that makes not only you look good, but also the room. When you watch the video back, everything needs to be aesthetically balanced and come together. And if you’re filming more than one video on the same day, don’t forget to bring extra outfits!

Now let’s talk lapel mics. For men, these can usually be discreetly attached to shirts and ties, but for women it can often present more problems. A darker top can help, as can a scarf or a blouse, rather than anything too light and silky.

Another tip for women - watch the jewellery! While you’re busy concentrating on saying the right thing at the right time, it’s easy to miss that your bangles are clattering against the table while you gesticulate.

“There’s no need to focus on every single detail”

“Let’s take a closeup of you working by the window for the B-roll”, says the video guy. You sit up straight and follow an imaginary point on the screen in full focus, thinking how professional it’ll look.

You know the drill by now – let’s have a look at the take.

In your otherwise beautiful shot, there are two teenage zanies throwing a shoe around, just outside your window. Oh joy.

Pay strong attention to the smallest, seemingly irrelevant detail. How are the papers and books stacked in the background? Are there any confidential documents that should be put away? And what about your immediate surroundings – does the branded notepad on the desk feel forced?

FYI: Sookio does corporate video production

While you obsess about all other details now, why not get inspired by our video work? Talk to us and we’ll help you prep for the big day!