Say hello to Suzanne, our Web & Social Media Editor


Meet our latest team member, Suzanne Morris, who has signed the freelancer life away to join Sookio as Web & Social Media Editor.

Just back from Dallas and Chicago, she’s an expert copywriter and branding specialist who’s created content for everyone from a wine merchant, and a Game of Thrones merchandiser - to an adult entertainment store (er, that’s going to be one for the pub!)

A couple of weeks in and Suzanne’s already hands-on with Sookio School, getting our new courses launched, working with long-term clients the Cambridge Trust, Cambridge Econometrics and Cambridge Assessment, and renovating our SEO offering.

Sookios, assemble!

Working closely with us all, Suzanne’s up to speed on all things Sookio and has written her first post for the blog: Writing the perfect press release? We have a course for that!

Whoever you ask, you’ll hear the same thing: it feels like Suzanne has been part of the Sookio party forever. She fits in not only within the business, but also within the team. She also doesn’t shy away from quick coffee chats and social lunches.

welcome luncheon

Don’t Do quote me on that

You get the idea about how pleased we are with Suzanne joining us by now, right? Fortunately, the feeling is mutual! Here’s what the newest Sookio says about joining us:

“I'm thrilled to be part of the awesome team here at Sookio – it's a real pleasure to be surrounded by such talented and creative people!  I've already started working on some really exciting projects, such as Sookio School, and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into many more!”

And our Director Sue Keogh agrees:

“What I look for in any team member is someone capable – someone you can throw any task at and who gets stuck in.

Suzanne has joined us with bags of useful experience which she’s applying already, with great results for our clients and Sookio’s own marketing too.”

We second that.

in the studio

Welcome to the team, Suzanne!

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