Sookio added to the Recommended Agencies Register. Thanks, happy clients!

We're delighted to have been added to the Recommended Agencies Register, the industry benchmark for agencies delivering good work. Their aim is to help brands find the right marketing agencies, and to help agencies find the right clients.

The nice thing about it is that you can only get onto the register if you generate enough positive recommendations.

No phoning your Mum and asking her to give you a five-star rating, no setting up fake email addresses and leaving reviews. It needs to be genuine feedback from clients who rate you honestly on the service you deliver.

"At Sookio we really take pride in our work and get a lot of satisfaction out of helping our clients to communicate effectively, whether it's through original content creation or in-house training and strategy," says Director Sue Keogh. "Receiving such positive ratings from our clients and being included on the register gives us a very warm glow indeed."

So, thank you very much to all the happy clients who have left positive ratings. And if you're a happy client who would like to join the party, don't feel left out - please go to RAR and rate us too!