Sookio Masterclasses: Straight-talking social media

Join us for a series of events in Cambridge offering straight-talking, practical advice on making social media work for your business. The series kicks off with our first event in April, featuring Age UK, the University of Cambridge, Grazia magazine and Miss Sue Flay. It'll be just the thing if you need help with:

  • managing a community
  • building an audience on social media
  • making different platforms work together
  • dealing with queries, criticism and complaints
  • new platforms like Google+, Vine and more.

Featuring success stories from expert practitioners from world-class brands, the events will offer an abundance of tips and tricks which you'll be able to apply straight away in your own business.

The discussions will be held at the Cambridge Brew House and led by our director Sue Keogh, who has produced content and social media campaigns for the BBC, ITV, AOL, Yahoo!, Toshiba and Magic FM and is co-host of Sweet Retweets, who put on sell-out events on the topic of writing for social media.

There'll be time for a glass of wine and chat along the way, offering you the opportunity to learn from and network with peers who are all facing the same challenge: how can we make social media work for our business?

29th April 2014: How to talk on social media

Social media is a playground to show off your personality – and a potential minefield of dissatisfaction if you get it wrong!  

Our guests will share their experiences of developing a clear voice on social media, either as individuals or as brands. What works for them? What’s gone wrong? And what tips and tricks do they have to share which will help you revolutionise your brand on social media?

On the panel

Guests announced so far: Jessica Vince, Digital Editor, Grazia magazine, and Fred Dewsey and Barney Brown from the University of Cambridge Communications team, Athar Abidi from Age UK and blogger, events host and etiquette enthusiast Miss Sue Flay.

29th July 2014: The art of using images and videos in social media

You may be familiar with Facebook and Twitter - but how about Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube and Google+?

Images and video make for really shareable content on social media. We look at how you can use them more effectively in your social media updates and how the approach differs from platform to platform. 

We'll also look at how images are an essential part of creating a compelling profile for your social channels. People make snap judgements when they come across your profile for the first time - how can you use images effectively to encourage them to stick around?

30th September 2014: So. How do you fit it all in?

It's a problem that so many businesses struggle with. How do you find time to tweet and update Facebook when you're so busy running the business and looking after your customers?

For businesses that are very customer facing this can be a particular challenge - if people don't get a quick answer on social they start complaining (very loudly).

Find out more about our events on the Sookio events page