The mother of all apostrophes

Using the apostrophe is quite straightforward. Except when it isn't. People regularly get tripped up by its and it's. And some folk think plurals look much nicer if they have an apostrophe before the final S.

But the usage which can give even the most pedantic copywriter a headache is coming up this month. It's Mother's Day on 14th March. Or is it Mothers' Day? Are we talking about celebrating one mother or loads of 'em? In a way both are right.

Glancing in the windows of card shops, florists and other retailers I noticed that this year the copy seems pretty consistent, with most people plumping for Mother's Day. This somehow feels more personal and intimate, as if the reader is celebrating one woman in particular, instead of loads of mums they've never met barging in on the act.

But if you're not sure, go for my own Mum's preferred option - Mothering Sunday. Sorted.