Training: Writing for the web with the University of Cambridge

We're delighted to be joining forces with the Communications team at the University of Cambridge to offer training in writing for the web.

The 800-year-old prestigious University has over 1600 different online channels, being updated by around 400 people. How can we make sure the content is easy to read, users can find what they want, and that the messages being given out are consistent? 

With writing for the web, the way you present your content is just as important as the words themselves. We'll be looking at good layouts that help people understand and retain the information, and sharing tips and tricks for writing in plain English which will make even academic content much more readable on the web.

The invite-only sessions have been oversubscribed so we're running them twice. A bit like a rock band that has to add on an extra night at Wembley, we thought.