Aabelard Aprons

The client

British artisan aprons. Aabelard is a new business founded by Philippa Hayward, who has designed a range of luxury aprons made to last a lifetime.

The project

We've been part of the project since the early days, and on through launch, and beyond!

Social media: We have established the Instagram (above), Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter pages, and are working hard to shout about the new brand and build strong relationships with customers from day one. Our content plan is fully in place.

Philippa is one of those people who just has a very good eye for what will work visually. It's just a dream when a client sends you a zip file of images which 'might' work on Instagram, and then you open it up and they're the most bold, colourful, striking set of pictures which will work perfectly on the platform.

Copywriting: We wrote the initial copy for the website, ready for the founder to add her own personal touches. We've focused on getting a clear, friendly tone of voice, coupled with informative, persuasive and SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Content support: We've liaised with Philippa and the always-excellent Rubber Cheese - who have designed and built the website - to develop the right content. We also helped set up some of the photoshoots with Philippa's real-life models and wrote the text to accompany the beautiful images shot by Michael J Sim.

Packaging design: We worked with Philippa to develop the eye-catching packaging, featuring the strong aubergine sleeve and bold flash of tangerine when you open the box. We also created postcards , swing tags and business cards.

The outcome

We're delighted to be part of what's set to become another British business success story. Looking forward to that first sale...
Update 15 October 2016: First one sold! And we're off...!
Update 18 May 2017: Philippa is now a fully fledged social media whizz, who has left the nest and flying high. OK, enough awful metaphors. Put it this way, Masterchef winners are tweeting about her aprons - and buying them too.