Our work with Angie Greaves

The client

Angie Greaves presents the Drive show on Magic 105.4FM, the only solo female presenter in this slot and with higher listening figures in London than BBC Radio 1 and 2.

The project

We got to know Angie through our work with Magic and Plan UK and work with her to develop ideas outside her show on Magic, for example relaunching her personal website AngieGreaves.com, and building her social media presence on FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube and SoundCloud.

We are also helping her launch Feeling Fab, a new channel for lifestyle, fashion, health and beauty content. Read more about our part in Feeling Fab.

The outcome

Extending awareness of Angie as a 'brand' to a wider audience and helping her create compelling content for the web and social media.

In her own words

Sookio got me in touch with social media, which has now become a part of my whole media-radio world.

I’m very very pleased with angiegreaves.com, I’m also very pleased with feeling-fab.com and I’m even more pleased with the overall services Sookio provides.
— Angie Greaves, Magic 105.4FM

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