Web content and social media for Ateronon

The client

Ateronon (AKA the Tomato Pill) is a natural health supplement that contains lycopene in its unique LactoLycopene formulation, which makes it more readily absorbed by the body.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes and a key ingredient the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The project

We're working with Ateronon to create a compelling, consistent presence across their website, social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the blog and through email marketing.

What we’re doing

The Ateronon blog features news about the company and the research they’re doing as well as the latest health sector news, advice on leading an active lifestyle and healthy recipes.

On Twitter we’re sharing news, company updates and advice. We’re also connecting with other Twitter users to spread a message of good health, eating well and exercising regularly.

On Facebook we’re posting news about health throughout most of the week, taking time on Friday to share trivia, recipes and fun stories about tomatoes. Each Sunday we also feature a tomato-packed brunch recipe.

We are also building a stronger identity on Google +, promoting company news and blog posts while engaging with other users.

YouTube showcases the research that goes into the product, the benefits of lycopene and Ateronon’s coverage on TV shows like This Morning.

The Instagram account gives a behind-the-scenes look at Ateronon. From meals to marathons, the Ateronon team are sharing images and short videos about what keeps them active and healthy.

Pinterest is home to a large array of boards picturing all of Ateronon’s interests, including their own research, hearty facts and team photos.

We’re also connecting with other industry professionals and sharing our blog posts on LinkedIn.

Our #HeartHelper campaign runs across all of the social channels, celebrating a different individual or organisation who’s gone the extra mile to promote heart health every month.

The newsletter keeps subscribers updated with what’s been happening on the blog and offers them exclusive offers.

The outcome

A refreshed online identity to coincide with Ateronon's rebranding in spring 2014, with a presence on social media that will send a message of good health that is both informing and entertaining. The enhanced activity has seen a steep increase in web traffic and social media following, raising awareness of the brand and bringing new customers to the site.


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