The client

OpenIOLabs is another successful member of Cambridge's booming tech startup community, producing groundbreaking equipment and software.

The OpenIO platform allows researchers and manufacturers to control and monitor all their instrumentation from one interface, no matter who produced the hardware or what programming language it speaks.

The project

Sookio was involved from the very earliest stages of OpenIOLabs' planned launch.

Using our experience of copywriting for tech startups, we needed to explain complex engineering and programming concepts in ways which could be understood by key decision-makers, who may not necessarily have a scientific background.

We have offered input into the content, design and build of the website (developed by the excellent Maltpress) and look after OpenIOLabs' social media channels, reaching out to potentially interested parties and providing a steady stream of informed, relevant content on the blogTwitter and LinkedIn, and through email marketing.

This communication support also has a strong visual element, with extensive design work needed to provide icons, graphics and attention-grabbing promotional material for their booth at PittCon 2016 and for future events.

The outcome

We are providing OpenIOLabs with clear, accessible content which nevertheless retains the spirit of the highly technical work they do.

Our monthly email marketing communications are enjoying an engagement rate well above the industry average and website traffic is climbing in line with increasing sales enquiries.

At this early stage, things are looking promising for OpenIOLabs and we're proud to have contributed to their initial success!

Find out more

If your business struggles with vendor lock-in and getting lots of different hardware devices to speak to one another, you could benefit from using OpenIOLabs.

Take a look at the OpenIOLabs website for more information and to sign up for email updates.