Our work with Creative Ely

The client

Creative Ely, a hub for people in the creative industries in and around Ely, Cambridgeshire.  

The project

Launch and run a monthly meetup group offering a platform for networking and collaboration. 

What we're doing

We founded Creative Ely in November 2012 to bring together the creative community in our small city. Based on our experience of running CamCreative for four years, the aim is to create a community where people can share wisdom, discover creatives living locally and hopefully generate work for each other. 

So we're coming up with ideas for events, booking speakers, looking after the website content and social media. And so far it seems to be an enormous success! 

Find out more

Visit the Creative Ely website

Join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Also please join the Creative Ely Meetup group to get the latest on upcoming events.