Eddington: The North West Cambridge Development


The client

The University of Cambridge is one of planet Earth’s leading centres of academia, making enormous contributions to the UK’s economy and startup culture. Faced with a chronic shortage of affordable housing in Cambridge to attract the world’s best and brightest, they did what anyone would do:

They decided to build 3,000 homes.

Eddington is an entire new district of Cambridge, a sustainable community furnished with all the facilities to house future generations of Stephen Hawkings and Isaac Newtons.

The project

Eddington is a groundbreaking sustainable development, in which every home is fitted with the latest technology to minimise its impact on the environment. But of course, all that tech is useless if nobody knows how to use it.

Sookio was brought on board to compose the home user guides (HUGs) for new tenants moving into one of these amazing properties. Taking reams of detailed technical information, we boiled it down and produced a clear site map, outlining an information architecture to clarify acres of info.

From there, we distilled it all into a digestible set of instructions and key messages to help people settle in as quickly as possible.

Details included:

  • The Eddington area, covering the facilities and amenities on-site.
  • The wider Cambridge area, outlining transport links to help new arrivals integrate.
  • A full breakdown of the development’s sustainable technology, from the power generators to the light bulbs.
  • Public services across the district, including cutting-edge, eco-friendly waste collection and water recycling.

The outcome

When the time came for Eddington’s thousands of new residents to move in, they found a comprehensive HUG waiting for them, with a consistent tone and clarity that made it as easy as possible to get to grips with their new home.

The University team behind Eddington were confident that the guides we’d prepared covered all the required aspects of life in this inspiring new development, with the info coming across clearly and concisely.

This saved time and resource which might otherwise have been spent manually answering tenant queries, or even providing individual home demonstrations.

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