Elektron Eye Technology

Elektron Eye Technology

The client

Cambridge-based global leader in fast-moving engineered products. 

The project

We offer a full marketing communications service to Elektron's ophthalmology brand.

The client wants to be an authoritative voice in the eye health industry. Our high-quality, technical content allows them to talk on the same level as leading ophthalmologists and medical researchers.

Our work includes:

  • Blogging and content creation
  • Social media strategy and management for Twitter and LinkedIn  
  • Email marketing - creation and strategy for their monthly industry newsletter
  • Infographics - research, design and publication to raise awareness of eye health conditions
  • Copywriting for technical datasheets, brochures and manuals, as well as website copywriting
  • Strategy and support for a website relaunch 
  • In-house social media training

The outcome

    Through expert use of social media and technical, topical web content Elektron is extending its customer base into new regions across the globe and defining its image as a leader in the ophthalmic industry.

    Website traffic on the Elektron Eye Technology website grew by 40% in the first six months and our whitepapers are generating top quality, relevant leads after publication and beyond.

    The newsletter opening rates are higher than industry average, and by reporting back on the people who interact with the monthly newsletter the sales team have followed up directly on new leads. 

    More information

    Visit the Elektron Eye Technology website.