Charlotte Peters

Charlotte Peters on location

The client

Actress Charlotte Peters. 

The project

As an actress, Charlotte wants to explore human beings as characters. As a human being herself, she's essentially curious and wants to find out what makes people tick.

Put these two things together and you have Charlotte's Compass, a video, image and blogging project in which we spoke to over 50 people across four countries and asked them about their lives.

Initially asked to join the project as a writer, Sue quickly put all her production experience into practice, researching, setting up and coordinating the interviews and becoming executive producer of the series.

Accompanying Charlotte on the London, Dublin and Ibiza legs of the project, she prepped interviewees in English and Spanish, and worked with the cameramen, director and photographers to make sure we got every shot and that everything ran to time. 

The project is a collaborative effort, which saw us working alongside social media agency Re-Up, freelancer Sophie Eadon, cameramen Dom Colchester and Archie Thomas, director Archie Brooksbank and photographers Will Paterson and Jacob Robinson.

From the Sookio team, Lizzy Doe took photos in Cambridge, our partner Colin Ramsay from Dragonlight Films shot interviews in Cambridge and Dublin, and Craig Lees was cameraman for many of the London pieces.

James Uren joined the project on day two as cameraman, and Charlotte quickly spotted that his ethnographic film-making experience would be perfect for a project where the focus was on human stories. He has edited all of the eight episodes and shot the links, with Colin putting together the accompanying extended interviews.

The outcome

Working to incredibly tight timeframes - with pre-production, production and post-production overlapping somewhat! - we made things happen. From the cliffs of Ibiza to a boxing ring in Dublin, we spoke to some amazing people with moving, insightful stories to tell.

The eight episodes are all based on core themes that emerged, all focused on things that drive us as human beings - Joy, Survival, Nurture, Legacy. The accompanying interviews give us more room to tell people's stories in depth.

Going forward, the dawn of 2018 saw us taking over all of Charlotte's social channels across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as some exciting future projects. Stay tuned!