The human approach to SEO

We offer what we like to call straight-talking SEO. We’re not going to promise to get you on the first page of Google overnight, nor are we going to talk about how you won’t see the results for six months. It’s about taking a sensible approach to the way your site is put together and the content it offers, and looking at realistic ways in which it can be improved to make it more likely to be found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

SEO strategy

We can put together an easy-to-follow strategy for improving the search engine optimisation on your site. We’ll look at your current practices and spot areas which can be improved or expanded on. By giving you a clear roadmap, not just a loose set of principles, you’ll get a better understanding of how SEO happens and how to make every aspect of your online presence work together for the best results.  

SEO audit

Using our powerful reporting tool, we can run off an initial report for your developers to highlight any areas that may be affecting your rankings, such as slow load times, broken links or images missing titles and descriptions. Monthly reports from then on can track improvements in performance from the work we do together.

Tell us who your competitors are and we find out exactly why they're ahead of you in the rankings, giving you the data you need to get quality backlinks to boost your position.

SEO copywriting

One of our core services has always been copywriting, and we make sure the copy for your website is optimised to make it as SEO-friendly as can be. We research and assess the keywords that work for you, using them to create quality copy. We don’t game the system for a quick, cheap boost; our focus is on craftsmanship and on relevant, natural content. We write for humans, not algorithms! 

SEO training

Whether it’s a new website build or a relaunch, once it is all ready to go we can come in and train the people who will be keeping the your content updated. The web doesn’t stand still, and you need to be sure that your team is keeping up to date with the best practices in SEO to ensure the traffic keeps coming. We can also offer regular catch-ups and SEO reviews of your site so we can tackle any problems that arise.

Google AdWords campaigns

We have extensive experience in crafting Google AdWords campaigns that get people clicking, and can advise on the best type of campaign to suit your budget.

Social media for SEO

Depending on the nature of your website, you may find that complementary social media channels are very effective in boosting traffic. We can keep your social media channels updated with engaging, eye-catching content or train you up so you have experts in house.

Cambridge SEO services

From our offices in Cambridgeshire, we offer our SEO services to businesses of all sizes in Cambridge itself as well as across the UK and overseas. By taking time to understand our clients and the best way to optimise content for them, we’re able to provide a bespoke full SEO package which brings in not just more traffic, but the right traffic.

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