London social media company

As a London social media company we work with businesses in the London area to offer social media services, including the management of social media channels and practical training in writing for social media.

Being based near London means we provide social media services to a lot of small businesses, startups and big brands in London and the surrounding area. Not being located in the centre keeps our costs competitive - so you get a London agency social media service that fits within a realistic budget. 

Expert management of your social media channels

We look after social channels for businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them join the conversation and raise their profile across whole new networks. We're experts in building an audience and producing engaging updates which will drive traffic to your site and build awareness of your brand.  

Practical training in writing for social media

We also offer bespoke training for companies who want to manage their social media themselves. Learn how to:

  • create Facebook updates which people will comment upon, like and share
  • get those sweet retweets
  • craft killer titles for your blog posts and plan content for the coming months
  • develop a social media strategy around events, campaigns and product launches
  • get confident with the right channels to suit your brand.

We'd love to help with your project. So if you need a London social media company please get in touch and tell us more!

You can also visit our social media  pages to see testimonials and screenshots of our work.