New from Sookio School! Blogging for Business


We’ve just launched our new Sookio School course, Blogging for Business.

Perfect if you need to sharpen up your blogging skills or find out how to blog for your business (and get results!)

This is the second in our new series of online digital marketing courses, designed to give you confidence in using the latest tools, features and platforms to get results for your business.

What does Blogging for Business cover?

Find out how to plan content (and come up with fresh ideas for posts that will delight your target audience).

See how to craft effective titles, make your posts easy to read, and add attention-grabbing images to bring your posts to life.

Get savvy with SEO, promote your blog and measure results.

What’s the format?

Our online course on business blogging is broken down into twelve bitesize modules for you to follow at your own pace.

Like all our Sookio School courses, there’s a steady stream of examples to inspire you, plus quizzes along the way to help it all sink in.

We have a worksheet to download so you can pause the modules and scribble down ideas as you go. You should have plenty!

What else do you get?

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And for a taste of what you expect, see what happened when we went live on Facebook to share some introductory blogging tips:

Want to get started?

Head to Sookio School and sign up for Blogging for Business now!