Random text generators: Lorizzle my ipsizzle, son of a bizzle!

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…Know what I mean?

Web designers have a big job to do pulling the desired words, pictures, sounds and colours together in such a way that the site has maximum impact. It needs to look coherent, cohesive and, essentially, not like a dog’s dinner.

But how can designers get text on their site doing the early stages when this content hasn't been written yet?

Thankfully, a whole bushel of random text generation tools exist, with the most famous being Lorem Ipsum.

With any commonly used tool like this you’re bound to see variations on a theme crop up. Why fill your mockup with boring old faux Latin when you can have something with a little more pizzazz?

I love cheese, especially swiss cheese triangles. Cheese triangles hard cheese st. agur blue cheese fromage cheesy feet feta who moved my cheese queso. The big cheese cheese triangles feta halloumi.

Kicking off with a contribution from our agency friends and allies, Rubber Cheese. We're fondue this sharp, Caerphilly programmed random text generator which your developer can use as part of their grater plans for your site.  

So I was saying, so they said I wasn't going to run. And everybody was, oh, he's never going to run. Never going to run. He is just having fun. You know my brand. I mean I lose gutless Macy's because I said about illegal immigration.

Next, we have the 45th President of the United States and one-time professional wrestler, Donald J. Trump. Now your website can speak to the hearts of a disenfranchised nation while your copywriter gets their act together. Also useful if your webmaster likes setting up big firewalls.


'Hush! Hush!' said the Rabbit in a low, hurried tone. He looked anxiously over his shoulder as he spoke, and then raised himself upon tiptoe, put his mouth close to her ear, and whispered 'She's under sentence of execution.'

Then we have the random text generator that brings you passages from such classic authors as Herman Melville, H.G. Wells and Lewis Carroll. Ever wondered what a website for a pharmaceutical company might look like if it was populated by passages from Moby-Dick? Wonder no more, Fillerati has you covered.

Batman Ipsum

No guns, no killing. Just you, sir? Don't worry, Master Wayne. It takes a little time to get back in the swing of things. I take what I need from those who have more than enough. I am the League of Shadows.

Did your website suffer a great personal tragedy early in its life, leading it to a life dedicated to vengeance upon all who would prey on the weak? Is your website the night? Batman Ipsum lets you generate quotes from the Dark Knight Trilogy, with options to select quotes from each film or even individual characters.

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

Maecenizzle at the bizzle. Nizzle . Prizzle shit, own yo' shizznit congue consectetizzle, metus libero consequizzle purus, eget ullamcorper bling bling mi non daahng dawg. Cras faucibus you son of a bizzle.

From 1993’s seminal album Doggystyle to his recent reincarnation as a foodie icon, the contributions to art and culture of Snoop Dogg have been many and varied. He’s even pioneered his own language of sorts, with the endings of English words handily replaced with ‘izzle.’ Gangsta Lorem Ipsum lets you send your website low-riding through South Central LA without a care in the world.

Hipster Ipsum

Kitsch Carles whatever, small batch umami mumblecore food truck Bushwick cliche tattooed flexitarian organic. Farm-to-table Brooklyn twee artisan tattooed gastropub Etsy ethical iPhone gluten-free.

There’s this other random text generator, but it’s pretty underground. You probably haven’t heard of it. With Hipster Ipsum you can populate your website with the most insufferably pretentious drivel this side of a Vice article… but all in an ironic way, of course.

Picksum Ipsum

Alrighty then. Good morning, oh in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. You wouldn't hit a man with no trousers on, would you? It's not the size mate; it's how you use it. I want to shoot the pigeons... off my roof.

For those who love movies as much as random text, Picksum Ipsum lets you select classic lines from Hollywood’s most iconic leading men. Choose from Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood and… erm… Jim Carrey. You can even set up a rumble between two of them and mix lines together. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Jim Carrey had starred in Fistful of Dollars.

But why use placeholder text when you could use a copywriter?

All of these tools are great and definitely get the job done. However, web designers who have the luxury of working with copywriters from the start of a project should definitely pursue this option. That’s not just me speaking from my somewhat biased position as a copywriter.

When a project is nicely managed, having all contributors pitch in promotes a consistent-looking final product. It becomes a holistic effort and cuts down on the inevitable back-and-forth between designers, writers, photographers, etc as things near completion.

Why engineer a situation where changes and compromises characterise the final stages of your site’s design when you could have had everyone on the same page from day one?

In short, while there are any number of tools which can help you plug the gaps in a site’s design, best practice is always to have these aspects covered as early as possible. Trust me, with a full team working in harmony the final product will speak for itself.