Sookio helps orca-strate light show for Cambridge festival

We're whale-y pleased to be (hump)backing the Bouygues UK e-Luminate Festival for the second year running, sponsoring a killer light display that will be porpoisely projected next to the whale skeleton hanging outside the University Museum of Zoology.

The festival, now in is fourth year, connects science, technology and the arts through a series of light installations, activities, talks and concerts in the city of Cambridge.

The projection we're backing is particularly exciting because it highlights the return of a familiar character to the University Museum of Zoology, which reopens later this year.

Many residents and visitors to Cambridge will know about the 70ft finback whale skeleton which hung outside the Museum of Zoology for 26 years, until it was dismantled in 2013 ready for the Museum's facelift. And now she's back. 

"Last year a whale was projected on the student accommodation in Market Square, and it was quite magical," Mandy Knapp from the Festival told us. "It moved in such a beautiful way. Quite enchanting! It will be fantastic to see the Cambridge Whale and projected whale in close proximity to each other this year."

Designed by natural history illustrator Alice Turner, the striking image of a whale will be projected by Ross Ashton onto the wall opposite the Museum and it will be visible every evening throughout the festival. Take a look at this 2016 highlights video from Andrew Sharpe's YouTube channel to give you a feel for how it will look.

Images from e-Luminate 2016

Get a sense of what you can expect at this year's event. There will also be a night market, workshops and concerts to accompany the beautiful light displays.

Visit the Bouygues UK e-Luminate Festival website to find out all the details.

Alice Turner's 2016 whale design

Alice Turner's 2016 whale design

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Bouygues UK e-Luminate Cambridge website

The festival runs from 10 to 15 February 2017

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