Why you should trust your creative agency

Why you should trust your creative agency

The new year is looking lively for Sookio already, both in terms of meeting great new clients, and renewing ties with our old favourites. As a creative agency in Cambridge, creating digital content for clients in a wide range of sectors, trust is the foundation of everything we do.

Trust is hard-earned and easily lost, but we like to think we make a compelling case for investing it in us. It can be daunting to place your brand’s message in external hands, and harder still to convince your boss that it’s a good idea. However, take a look at these reasons why a little faith in your creative agency can pay out big-time…

We’re not writing for you 

Let’s be clear; you’re our client and we love you very much. We want you to succeed. That’s why we’re not writing for you. We’re not even writing for your boss. We’re writing for your customers, clients and your target audience.

Now, nobody knows your customers better than you. But what we do is work with you to share that understanding, then apply our broader knowledge of how people think, feel and act online. That might affect the way we order and arrange information. It might alter the tone across different platforms. It might mean ditching some platforms altogether and following your audience to pastures new.

We see the big picture

One of the best things about working agency-side is the freedom we have to slot into multiple different businesses, see how they do things, perform our job and teleport away. That gives us an enormous amount of perspective on how different approaches work in different situations.

The average career covers around six or seven different businesses. We cover that in a couple of weeks, and we put that knowledge at your disposal when it comes to presenting you with options for tackling big challenges. Just because you’ve always done something a certain way, don’t shut yourself off to the full range of possibilities.

We’ve got space

You’re so close to your industry that you can feel its nostril hairs on your cheek. That’s why you’re good at what you do, and why you love it. But did you ever consider that you might ever be a little too close?

Information that’s thrilling to you might be lost on the casual observer. Likewise, something that’s a bit old hat to those in the know might be a fascinating discovery to the newcomer.

A good creative agency functions as a fresh, keen set of eyes. We’ve got the distance from your subject matter to shine a fresh light on your entire offering, and often expose angles that you didn’t see (or weren’t possible) before.

We can set your big idea free

Everybody wants to get huge exposure from their marketing for as little money as possible. In the simplest terms, it’s about grabbing attention.

Everybody wants their FCUK moment, but three meetings later and the high-impact big idea has been picked apart by five levels of committee and castrated. The end result is something safe, predictable and… fine, I guess.

By appointing just one member of your organisation with the vision and courage to sign off something truly special without going up and down the ranks, you’re streamlining what would otherwise be a costly and cumbersome process.

What’s more, you’re taking advantage of all that cross-sector expertise, our ability to pinpoint trends and hitch your messaging to the pulse of conversation... If you trust us to do so.

We can back all this up

‘But this is all just pretentious drivel! The world doesn’t run on creativity, it runs on business, money and endless, endless numbers!’

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why, wherever possible, we take pains to measure and record the work we do, then produce reports in order to prove that you’re not just throwing money at the internet. That might mean making use of Google Analytics and other reporting tools, or running a series of split tests to fine-tune the difference between two landing pages.

All this creative malarkey can be a bit subjective, so it’s important that we sit down at the start of a project and agree on what success looks like to you. Who are we trying to attract, and where do we want them to go? From there, the numbers don’t lie.

Has this inspired you to kick off your next big creative project? Talk to Sookio today and get connected with the right audience for your business.