Watch: Communicating with character for business and brands


In our latest Facebook Live stream, we’re breaking down tone of voice and brand character with communications coach and friend of Sookio, Jon Torrens.

Everyone talks about their ‘brand persona,’ their ‘character’ or ‘tone of voice.’ But how do you actually get it right? How do you pin down the way your organisation comes across and, more importantly, how do you translate that into daily business?

We called up former comedian, games developer, and now communications coach, Jon Torrens, for another Sookio Facebook Live.

In this session we explore:

  • How to find your brand’s character

  • The importance of authenticity

  • What sectors benefit most from a strong tone of voice

  • How and when to capture your business’ personality

  • Building character into your daily operations

  • Using tone of voice in marketing

  • Deciding when it’s time for a rebrand

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