Watch: Growing positive communities on Twitter


Getting more followers on Twitter is a recurring problem in the platform's competitive climate. The answer? Build strong communities; beacons of positivity in a sea of social media rage.

You may have noticed us talking about Beyoncé a lot more than usual lately. For that, you have Ollie to thank - the self-confessed Beyoncé superfan and founder of Beyonce Hub (@theyoncehub). He's been on work experience with us this week, getting to know what it's like to work at an award-winning digital marketing agency.

In just two years, and from the age of 15, Ollie has built his Beyoncé fan account to 19k followers. From sassy GIFs to useful tour information, sharing positive content has led to him landing sponsorship deals with several companies, starting his own clothing business and getting sued by the lady herself. Yep.

Watch and learn

We went live on Facebook to uncover his top Twitter tips. You can watch it here:

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