Watch: How to use animation to showcase your business


Have you tried using animation in your marketing? Whatever your industry, the digital artform can really help to showcase your work in a clear, easy-to-follow and exciting way.

Whether you're a tech startup looking to explain your software product to consumers or a healthcare company wanting to demonstrate how your devices will help doctors, animation could be the perfect way to share your message.

Animator Alex Mallinson chats all about the benefits of animation with our Chief Copywriter Rory in a Facebook live session. Watch and learn!

In the video, we discuss:

  • Creating animations for business that stand out

  • Using animation for messaging

  • Using animated video for B2B, including boring subject matter

  • Turning client ambitions into compelling stories!

  • Using animation with video content

  • The Rethian ideal

  • Alex's own inspirations.

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