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Your name
Your name
What do you do, how large is the company, where are you based, who are your customers?
To explain how a product works, showcase a new service, attract new staff, convert leads, attract new staff…?
Are they existing and potential customers, investors, donors, funders, male or female, old or young or in different parts of the world...
Tell us about the key visuals and core messages
Please paste links to videos that you like
Will you write the script, with support from us? Or would you like a professional scriptwriter to write it?
Upbeat, authoritative, playful, serious…?
Will you be in it, employees or paid actors? Finding the right person to represent or voice your business can make all the difference
Live recorded audio on location, pre-recorded voice over, background music, sonic logo idents or any other sounds
There may be more than one location
Simple logo intro and outro with some on-screen text or something more advanced, such as fully animated or graphics overlaid throughout?
Shorter videos of 1-2 minutes are more likely to be viewed, but longer content can be just as engaging, depending on your goal and platform
What channels do you have in place, for example social media and email marketing, through which the video will be shared?
Will the video be on your website, optimised for mobile, on your social media channels? On YouTube, Vimeo or a different platform?
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