Cambridge Colour Talk: Join us at e-Luminate 2018


We’re delighted to be backing the Cambridge e-Luminate festival for the third year running. This year the theme is colour, promising a veritable hue’s hue of our city’s great luminaries.

So, what is e-Luminate?

Now in its sixth year, this festival of light brings together the incredible wealth of creative and tech talent in the city.

Kicking off on 9 February and running for six days, this spectacular art event uses cutting-edge technology to transform the city by creating a colourful celebration of Cambridge’s heritage and architecture.

You’ll be able to hit the streets and enjoy some of the city’s most iconic buildings in a whole new light, with colourful projections at a number of locations around Cambridge.

There is also a rich education programme of talks, workshops, shows and exhibitions, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the installations and take part.

How are we involved?

Here at Sookio, we work with a pretty mixed palette of people ourselves, from tech entrepreneurs trying to blend the human element into what they do, to artists taking their first steps into digital.

In light of that, we have love for anyone who tries to bring those two worlds together on this kind of scale. In e-Luminate, we see that same mission, coupled with a grand pageantry of which Alessandra Caggiano, Founder and Artistic Director, is a true maestro.

Plus, the experience of getting involved with e-Luminate has always been incredible (we had a whale of a time last year), so continuing to show our support for year three seemed like a no-brainer to us.

Come to the Cambridge Colour Talk

This year, Sookio sponsors the Cambridge Colour Talk, with a panel of speakers including Dr James Fox, art historian and 2018’s guest festival curator, alongside celebrated physicist, Helen Czerski. They are joined by Dr Spike Bucklow, author of Red: The Art and Science of Colour, and senior research scientist at the Hamilton Kerr Institute.

Taking place on 10 February at the Cambridge Union, the talk will explore our deepest understanding of colour. How does it affect us? And what does that mean for our everyday lives from historical, artistic, and scientific points of view?

“Working with visual content as we do, this event had immediate appeal,” says our Director, Sue Keogh. “It’ll be fascinating to see these experts in art and science explore the way we react to different stimuli. Who knows, it might come in handy on some of our projects!

“It’s great to be able to support the festival again – a real showcase of the talent on our doorstep in Cambridge.”

How to book

Cambridge Colour Talk

7pm, Saturday 10 February 2018
1815 Bar, Cambridge Union, 9 Bridge St, Cambridge CB2 1UB

Book your tickets now at the e-Luminate website

We can’t wait for the festivities to kick off, and hope to see you there!