Digital content for the legal sector

Sookio is a specialist web content, social media and SEO company in Cambridge. Our straight-talking approach to crafting great copy and content means we are adept at translating complex legal terms into plain English. We help you reach the widest and most relevant audience with confidence, clarity and transparency.


Our compelling web copywriting services are rooted in best practice and connect real people with their legal representation. We cut through the legalese to boost confidence in your services.


Identify where you stand in the legal sector online, and plot a roadmap for real advancement with our digital strategy services. We provide insight and measurable results.

Web content

Build authority in a crowded sector with quality ongoing content. We create blogs, features, newsletters and a host of creative solutions to spice up your legal practice for meaningful exposure.


Bespoke online and social media training from Sookio helps translate detailed legal knowledge into the language of the web. We’ll help you engage directly with clients through hands-on training sessions.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool for spreading your message. Let us manage your social channels to build meaningful engagement and boost online exposure.


Is your product or service tricky to explain? Video can help! Show off what makes you tick with commercial video content, courtesy of our expert in-house videographers and editors.

Sookio is a specialist web content, social media and SEO company in Cambridge. To find out more about our work creating digital content for the legal industry in East Anglia, London and beyond, contact us today or sign up to our mailing list.