Sookio partners up for Techfugees Global Summit


Why, pray tell, is our copywriter attending an international refugee conference in Paris alongside the likes of IBM, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Stanford University? Well, we’re glad you asked…

If you’ve been paying attention, or even casually glancing at a TV any time in the past few years, you’ll be aware of the gravity of the global refugee crisis, with over 65 million people currently displaced globally.

It’s one of the great challenges of our time, driven by a perfect storm of factors from instability and war to climate change.

With the typical government’s response ranging from ‘tepid’ to ‘outright apathetic,’ concerned citizens around the world have stepped up to organise, collaborate, and do what they can to ease the suffering of displaced people. One such collective is Techfugees.

The Techfugees Global Summit

Techfugees began life as a Facebook group for people interested in developing digital solutions to problems facing refugees on the ground.

Within 48 hours, that group had grown to over 1,000 members and its Twitter account had exploded. Founded by Mike Butcher of TechCrunch, this network of tech engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs now numbers over 18,000.

Sookio has been providing comms support to Techfugees for a few years now, and it’s our honour to announce we’ll be stepping things up with a copywriting workshop at their second annual Global Summit in Paris at the end of October.

A celebration of collaboration, the Summit brings together high-profile speakers from the worlds of technology, academia, media, and education, alongside refugees themselves, to share their experiences and lessons.

The event also sees the finals of the Techfugees Global Challenges. Here, developers will pitch their ongoing projects to a panel of industry experts, with the winner from each of the five categories receiving a year of dedicated support from the Techfugees community. For those already in the field helping displaced people, it’s a huge opportunity to learn and grow.

As for me, I’ll be putting my copywriting skills to good use helping people sharpen up the messaging used in their projects. Being based here in Cambridge, a lot of my job consists of working with incredible minds who have trouble translating their creations into language which investors and consumers can get their heads around.

My content writing workshop will hopefully be of use to anyone at the Summit who wants to make the most out of communicating the value of their project. The workshop is based on all the training we provide to the likes of the University of Cambridge, and it’s great to put that knowledge at the service of people on such a worthwhile journey.

A partnership with pizzazz

Sookio are proud to partner with Techfugees, and it all comes down to the ethos we share. Techfugees diligently build refugees themselves into all their projects, making sure the tech they use works in practice and can scale in a way that’s relevant to those using it. In an age of trite solutionism, it’s an approach we have massive respect for.

As for us… ok, we’re not out there helping refugees on the daily. The world and his dog claim to be ‘an ethical company,’ but we like to think we walk the walk, both in the contributions we make to causes like this and in the work we do.

That means we’re always transparent, always sharing knowledge, and always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our work. Hey, it’s turned out pretty alright so far.

Let Sookio help you pursue your noble mission, whatever that might be, with world-class training, content, and communications support. Contact us today and let’s get started!