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Watch: Sage advice on social media and cracking content

As a Sage Business Expert, Sue regularly offers advice to the Sage business community on digital marketing.

She's joined them twice now for Facebook Live sessions in which she shares essential tips for small businesses on topics like social media or creating cracking content. All taking place at their London HQ at The Shard, and broadcasted live to the Sage Facebook community of 720k+ followers. Watch and learn!

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The digital tricks that events organisers miss!

Running events nowadays is made so, so much easier through modern communications and tools like Eventbrite and Meetup. But so many organisers miss obvious opportunities to attract more attendees and give them the information they need to help the whole thing go smoothly.

What are the digital tips and tricks that events organisers so often forget?

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How should you use hashtags - or not - on social media?

The term hashtag has crossed over from social media talk into day-to-day dialogue. But what exactly is a hashtag, and how are you supposed to use it? We’ve taken a look at different approaches and the best way to use them in your marketing. #winning

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Could your business benefit from social listening?

For larger organisations, particularly those who are very public facing, like retail, telecoms, software and the public sector, social listening gives you an incredible opportunity to get essential, unfiltered feedback from the people using your product or service.

Dan Spicer, former Head of Social Marketing and Community, EMEA, at Hootsuite, explains more about what social listening means and the three key ways it can benefit your business.

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Watch: We talk digital marketing with Business Focus

Our Director, Sue Keogh, was invited onto Cambridge TV's Business Focus show to share essential tips on digital marketing. 

She talks to presenter Alina Trabbatoni about how she founded Sookio, and offers advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes about creating quality content and using digital marketing effectively to connect with target customers.

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Digital marketing: A jargon-free guide to common terms

What's a hashtag? What does SEO stand for? Where does a blog actually...go?

These are some of the questions that come up when we're running workshops on writing for the web, SEO and social media. In this handy guide we run through the words and phrases you will meet when knocking your digital marketing into shape.

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