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Can graphic design (and copywriting) save your life?

Reflections on communications in healthcare, as Sue visits the Wellcome Collection’s new exhibition and thinks back to personal experiences on the cancer ward. How crucial is good design and careful copy in showing empathy, explaining complex concepts, and simply making people feel better?

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Website under the weather? Get a prescription from the UX Doctor

How do people feel when they interact with your website or app? Is it a positive, seamless experience where they come away with all the information (or purchases) they need? Or do they find your tone of voice unwelcoming and the cluttered content difficult to navigate?

We spoke to Dom Reed, Founder of UX Doctor, to find out how good content is crucial in creating a positive experience for your users.

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“Just make it pop!” How to give a designer (useful) feedback

You’ve given the designer the’ve nervously awaited the first draft. As you open it up, you realise that it doesn’t quite match the vision you had in your mind’s eye. But how do you explain this vision so that you both fully understand what needs to change?

We asked Monika, from the Sookio design team, to give us some tips on giving constructive feedback.

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