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Highlights from Thinking Digital 2016: From drumbeats to Dysons

Insights from Google, IBM and Microsoft plus an exploration of the V&A's digital projects, the wonders of gut bacteria, and a story about Kevin Costner's dog - it's Thinking Digital 2016. Here are some of our highlights from the two-day conference at Sage Gateshead in the mighty fine city of Newcastle.

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'Do I know you?' How online reviews became our biggest influencer

Once upon a time, we only trusted the words of people we knew pretty well. While friends, family and colleagues still wield a lot of power over our decisions, we're adapting more and more to placing trust in complete strangers.

And that's a great thing for online shopping and humankind, says Trustpilot's Ashley Scrace.

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Digital marketing: A jargon-free guide to common terms

What's a hashtag? What does SEO stand for? Where does a blog actually...go?

These are some of the questions that come up when we're running workshops on writing for the web, SEO and social media. In this handy guide we run through the words and phrases you will meet when knocking your digital marketing into shape.

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Bobbies on the tweet: How the police use social media to engage with the community

We're fascinated by the ways in which police forces using social media nowadays to engage with the community. How does it help with crime prevention? Which topics generate the most response from the public? And what happens when you make a typo in a tweet? 

PC David Cairns-Johnstone from Cambridgeshire Constabulary kindly took time during the night shift to tell us more.

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