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Synthwave, sketches and schooling, what's inspiring us?

From podcasts to influencers and galleries to digital courses, here's what's inspired the Sookio team this year. How about you?

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My Sookio work experience diary: Hack days, pwnage and job envy

Moving to bigger premises has meant that we can now offer the occasional bout of work experience.

Our first victim was Giovanna Pierce, who, after 18 years in telecoms, was looking to make the move to marketing. Find out what she learned about digital marketing during her time at Sookio...

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Infographic – 2013: Our year in numbers

A lot has happened at Sookio in 2013, and as the year comes to an end we thought we'd do some number crunching to put it all into perspective.

What did we spend our time working on, which words did we vow never to use in copy and how come we climbed Mount Everest 8.5 times?

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Fork 'andles! Happy birthday Sookio Ltd

Is it that time already? Sookio Limited is now four years old. Let's have a look back over the last year and think about where we're going next...

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