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How to get more (quality) followers on Instagram

Looking to boost your follower numbers on Instagram? For this to be effective for your overall business goals, you'll need to ensure you're reaching the right people. Our Content Manager, Beth, explains how.

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On a budget? Free and low-cost marketing tools for small businesses

Want to boost your marketing activity without breaking the bank? Our Digital Strategist, Deepa, has dug out some of the best digital marketing tools which won't strain your budget.

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Watch: We talk digital marketing with Business Focus

Our Director, Sue Keogh, was invited onto Cambridge TV's Business Focus show to share essential tips on digital marketing. 

She talks to presenter Alina Trabbatoni about how she founded Sookio, and offers advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes about creating quality content and using digital marketing effectively to connect with target customers.

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The rules of engagement: Do brands know how to market to younger audiences?

The problem with marketers is that by the time they get half decent at their job, they're out of the age bracket of people they're trying to sell to. Are brands clear on how to market to younger audiences?

Cassie Fidler outlines the approach they should take to ensure a fruitful relationship.

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'Do I know you?' How online reviews became our biggest influencer

Once upon a time, we only trusted the words of people we knew pretty well. While friends, family and colleagues still wield a lot of power over our decisions, we're adapting more and more to placing trust in complete strangers.

And that's a great thing for online shopping and humankind, says Trustpilot's Ashley Scrace.

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Digital marketing: A jargon-free guide to common terms

What's a hashtag? What does SEO stand for? Where does a blog actually...go?

These are some of the questions that come up when we're running workshops on writing for the web, SEO and social media. In this handy guide we run through the words and phrases you will meet when knocking your digital marketing into shape.

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