Advertising genius: Showcasing global talent with Lürzer's Archive

Lürzer's Archive is relaunching its website in early 2012 and we're honoured to say that we're going to be producing the web content and social media.

Lürzer's is the world's biggest archive for advertising, showcasing the finest campaigns in print, TV and digital in a bi-monthly magazine and through its website. Since 1984 it has been showcasing the best work from creatives around the world and is a fantastic resource for anyone working in advertising and related disciplines such as photography, design, illustration and fashion.

They also publish beautiful Specials presenting cutting edge work from a particular sector, for example Automotive, Illustrators, Package Design or Ad Photographers.

Sue Keogh is managing the project and Rhia Chohan, who has been writing articles for Sookio for three years and has a keen interest in fashion and photography, is the website editor, producing daily features on the latest trends in film, photography and digital, the hottest campaigns, and the creatives who are really making a mark. We'll also present new submissions sent to Lürzer's from agencies around the world, highlight creative geniuses in the Profile section and pick out the latest blogs, trailers and videos for the Inspiration section.

It's a phased launch, so we're starting with the homepage and will be gradually updating the rest of the site over the next few months.

In terms of social media, Lürzer's Archive already has a big following on Facebook and Twitter; we've been looking after these channels since the beginning of January, posting creative news and about the latest trends in advertising, including the spots which are really causing a buzz. We're happy to report that the numbers have been going up...and up...and up. Why not join us too!

Read more in the client page. And do take a look at "Glazer", the latest spot in Lürzer's Archive's "One Place" campaign, celebrating the fact that 28 years of the finest advertising campaigns from around the world can all be found in one place. How many iconic ads can you spot?